Real Bread Week - Milling is in our genes

Real Bread Week - Milling is in our genes

In 2020 the whole nation seemed to turn to baking at home as the lockdown and pandemic took over our lives. What would families do to keep entertained - bake!

The appetite for quality bread, whether home-made or bought from Artisan bakers, doesn't seem to have subsided. 

Green & Jenks branch in Wellfield Road, has become the go-to place for quality flours from British mills and also for artisan breads, sourced from four different artisan bakeries and flour mills, and many more trying to get a slice of our bread sales. 

One of the reasons why this has become one of our staple products is our own family connection to wheat and milling. Frederick Green, our founder of our family food business, was born in 1838 at Kimbridge Mill on the River Test in Hampshire.  The family were also corn dealers so you can see why corn and baking is so important to us. It's in our DNA.  

 Over the last 5 years I have been delving into our family history to discover more about the founders of our family food business. I took a visit to Mottisfont Abbey, owned by the National Trust, who helped me locate the families mill, which is just downstream at Kimbridge. The mill cottage where Frederick Green and his family lived is now a luxury accommodation on a private fishing estate. 

The River Test had many mills, now only the one still working is in Winchester. 

The other side of my family are farmers near Brecon. Last year I had the opportunity to have a tour of Talgarth Mill, a wonderfully restored working mill. We are delighted to be selling their flours and bread kits. 

So this week, pick up some beautiful artisan breads or flour to bake your own at home. We also have dried and fresh yeast and a range of gluten free flours too. 

We also offer a range of Italian flours, such as Ferrari 00 flour for making the perfect pizza and pasta.

 In our shop you’ll find local loaves from

 Riverside Sourdough Bakery - Cardiff,

Multi-seeded Sourdough, San Francisco Sourdough, Country White 

Nata Bakery - Cardiff - Corn Bread, Wholemeal Bread, 

The Crusty Loaf - Coleford - GI Bread


Wessex Mill - Wide range of bread flours 

Doves Farm  - Gluten Free Flours

Talgarth Mill - Bread kits 

Ferrari Flour  - 00 flour for perfect pizza and pasta

And in our Book Nook you can pick up a copy of "Sourdough" by Lugg and Fjeld for great tips and recipes. 




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