Our Story

We are grateful to our founder and entrepreneur, Frederick Green, born in 1838. His family had been millers and corn merchants for generations, in Hampshire near Mottisfont Abbey on the chalk-based River Test, famous for fly fishing.

Through family archives, we discovered that as a young man, Frederick moved to Mayfair, London, and entered the dairy business in Hammersmith. He worked with Welsh dairy farmers who supplied the city with fresh milk from pedigree cows grazing on the banks of the River Thames.

In 1888, Frederick recognized the business opportunities in Cardiff, which was thriving and expanding due to the boom in coal and shipping. He moved from London and founded the Roath Park Dairy Company in 1888 on Albany Road. The business operated for 70 years, passing through three generations before closing after Norman Jenks, Frederick's grandson, retired in 1958.

In 2015, we relaunched the family business with a new twist, using the names of our ancestors. Thus, Green & Jenks was born. While the business had previously been run by three men, we are now run by three women: Shirley, Norman's daughter; Gilly, his granddaughter; and Harriet, his great-granddaughter.

Our family's commitment to business has been a source of inspiration for us. We are immensely proud of our family's dedication to the Roath community, serving them through two World Wars and periods of rationing. We remain an independent family business, with every decision made by us and every product carefully curated in line with our passion for delicious food and drinks.

We are honoured to be part of the community and appreciate your ongoing support.