Going green is in our genes

Our belief is also in our actions as we strive to make our business more sustainable.

This is demonstrated in many ways: 

  • Our use of local suppliers so have a low food miles
  • We work with many suppliers who have sustainable values, such as zero plastic packaging, paper pulp packaging for transporting goods and zero plam oil
  • We check out our suppliers and choose to work with companies that are B Corp businesses 
  • We only order small quantities of fresh produce so we have minimal waste. Any unsold perishable food is given away rather than go in waste. 
  • We train our staff in the importance of waste management from food to packaging. 
  • We use paper bags in store which can be recycled 
  • We have rearranged our store so we only have eco fridges which have doors so we have reduced our electricity consumption by 300%
  • Our new preloved clothes shop , The Clothes Circle located on the first floor is all about slow fashion and sustainable fashion. 
  • We sell compostable growing pots, to encourage people to grow salads at home in a sustainable way.