Celebrating World Bee Day 🐝

Celebrating World Bee Day 🐝

Today is World Bee Day 🐝

The small and mighty pollinators responsible for 80% of pollination and the key to biodiversity.

Here’s some tips for helping our 🐝 🐝

1. Plant pollinating plants like Buddleja, Lavender or Geraniums.

2. Take part in #nomowmay to encourage wildflowers and grass to grow.

3. If you see a drowsy bee, they need an energy boost, give them a little sugared water on a teaspoon and pop them back on a flowering plant.

4. Follow charities like @beesfordevelopment based in Monmouth who raise awareness for the importance of bees and beekeeping.

5. Build a bee hotel for your garden, to help solitary bees when pollinating. The @natural_history_museum has some great How To Videos to get you started!

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