Room Hire

Book a Room –  Try our Georgian Gallery Room for your next business meeting.

In the Gallery room we offer a stress free alternative. A room with a view and you can even open a window for some good quality fresh air, essential to keep everyone invigorated and productive.

The Perfect Location

Monmouth is a fantastic town to meet up as it is on the main trunk road from South Wales to the Midlands, making it an easy drive from Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham.  It’s also easier to find than a tucked away country hotel or village hall, which isn’t recognised by sat nav!

Why make the location of your meetings difficult for people to find and usually means people arriving late, flustered and disrupt your meeting.

Instead arrive in Monmouth, park in the towns Glendower Car Park for just a couple of pounds for half a day, or for free on the high street for a short time, and arrive relaxed and ready for a productive meeting.

The Gallery Room

From the Gallery room you can gaze out of the window and you will have a choice of views from the elegant architecturally beautiful warm tones of fabulous Shire Hall, look down at the bustling streets and the towns cobbled Agincourt Square or look upwards and you will see a lush green landscape of the hills of the Wye Valley with white washed houses dotted on the hillside.

It’s pretty hard to top that, in our opinion, but we our just a little bit biased.

We offer a beautiful high ceilinged room and total privacy away from your own day-to-day work environment.

Our Guest

As a meeting room visitor you will be treated as a guest at Green and Jenks. Our staff will keep you topped up with quality flavoursome teas and coffees, and delicious gelato of course.

With sparkly clean glasses of water to keep your hydration levels up and plenty of paper and pencils, making your meeting easy to organise and enjoyable.

Just remember you’re not in the office so you can relax, hang your jacket up, kick your shoes off if you feel like it, stand up and stretch – just whatever it takes for a productive meeting.

Book a room – get in the diary soon as the Gallery will be in high demand. Contact us for rates and more information –